Monday, 16 March 2009

'Orrible dogs

After a busy weekend, Jill decided she wanted to put her ankle to a more severe test, so I planned a 4 mile walk to take in the Village of Kings Sutton (Kings South Estate), now had I been Lesley off Caxton I would have been able to tell you which King, but as I'm not as well edumakated I can't.

Kings Sutton is one of the most southerly villages in Northants and also one of the prettiest,

On our return leg to MR the dogs found this lovely brook and decided it was time for a bath, F & F have a lot to answer for!

And at last I was able to catch up with the rugby I missed yesterday, thanks to BBCi Player.


  1. That would be William the Conquerer though it is quite likely that Saxon Kings owned land here before William claimed all.

    Fletcher and Floyd accept no responsibility for dogs left in ditches, ponds or brooks..

  2. Thank you Lesley, I knew you'd come up with the goods!
    F&F I'm sure we'd get it to stand up in court!