Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Out & about again at last

We were up earlyish to get Daisy & Muttley back to the vets - Daisy for the other half of her annual vaccs (if we do it in one hit she gets quite poorly for 48 hours-maybe because she's so tiny) & Muttley to discuss future plans. Good news is that his ear swabs show no sign of nasty bacteria growing & we can now be pretty sure that the problem is an allergy. Even better news is that there is a new development - a steroid spray that is non absorbent, ie has none of the major steroid probs of organ attack and life shortening. Keep everything crossed.

So feeling a lot more optimistic and with my foot a lot less painful (at LAST), we left G to tiling the bathroom splashback and a stern deck picnic table for the summer (told you we were more optimistic) and set off for a decent circular walk which followed the river. Joy oh joy to be out & about again in the sun.
This credit crunch thingy is a bit scary though-look what they've done to this copse: I blame it on the wood burners (who us?); not so much as a twig or bit of bark left, no wildlife cover, no fungi cover, no nothing. Seriously, will comercial logging start doing this as a matter of course. The habitat has been destroyed, it's as if someones been through here with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
Bumped into a BW lass today, she was putting up signs to say that there was a long term mooring available at Cropredy for a 16 mtr boat. Why do they talk metric when we all discuss our boats in feet? Evidently BW's system doesn't do imperial - it might be a minor thing, but it doesn't help rapport. I think I could be turning into a grumpy old woman - we need to get back on the move.


  1. Jill
    Can 'super vet' do anything about identifying what the Muttster is allergic to?

  2. It could be something as simple as pollen count or any of the usual food stuffs-wheat, dairy etc. We're never going to know because of the time lapse between problem triggered and problem apparent. So far he's doing really well.