Sunday, 29 March 2009

Oops, OH No! Not again!

Just when you think everything is going to plan, a thunderbolt from the heavens hits you, having completed the shower, we still have a water leak,
but this time it is definitely comming from the Calorifier .
Then whilst Hoovering the boat to get rid of the shower repair mess,
the Dyson Rollerball vaccum catches fire at the brush motor. What next?

Mr Muttley, Mortimer Bones will be very upset with you, changing you're allegiance.


  1. Fire, Flood & oh no - we won't mention the other one...!
    Same order of events once happened to some friends of ours only the "fire" was something under the grill. Looking on the bright side fortunately number 3 was getting it all sorted...


  2. Cheers Heather,
    you've made my day, It is now nearly all sorted.