Sunday, 8 March 2009

Here's looking at you!

I'm giving Jill a little rest from the Blog, and I'm going to blow my own Trumpet, This Carrot cake is out of this world. I have never really cooked cakes or pastries in the past and have always worried that if I did my already large girth would increase disproportionately with the number of cakes I would eat. I don't have the will or staying power of Greygal from who has an amazing ability to drop the pound and Inches!

Still I wasn't alone in the demolition as my Daughter, Karen and my Grandchildren Dainion and Chenelle and amazingly Jill all helped. Note to self do not bake cakes when company is due.

Some self portraits, it's what happens when children get hold of cameras, I'm not sure if it was the cake that had this effect on them or.......


  1. Blimey your Karen looks like you Graham, same pose as well!
    Lesley K

  2. Faced with that cake, I'd say sod the diet and scoff the lot. In this new thin girl, there's a fat girl just waiting to get out...

  3. Lesley, Don't tell Karen she would be most upset, she's alot prettier and slimmer.

    Greygal, I'll bake another one when we are up your way, we can pretend its healthy as it has carrot in it.

  4. NB. we'll not let on that its full of cream cheese, butter, nuts, oil and sugar!!!!

  5. I must say that was the best cake ever, and i'm so glad i don't live close to you for too long!!! Not too unhappy to be looking like you daddy, you still have lovely dark hair and don't look to bad for your old age, hehe!!!!