Wednesday, 29 October 2008

BSC complete... Yeahhhhh.

Yesterday, Matilda Rose passed her 1st BSC with flying colours, no adverse comments and done by a gentlemen who was very thorough and fair, if you need a good examiner who gives you absolute confidence then contact Nigel Smith from the Ashby Narrowboat company, Stoke Golding. We have also had our engine and Electrical check carried out by River Canal Rescue, James was also superb and commented on the well looked after Engine, thank you James. Lastly we had a problem with out Harworth boiler and that was sorted by another James, a one man band boat engineer who knew his cherries and we now have another source of heat and hot water, Thank you James.

We are now only a couple of days away from having to leave MR for a few days whilst we visit rels and friends in Norfolk, but then we will be closer to our return and a trip down the Grand Union to London, Jill wants to visit Little Venice but with the closures due in January it may be a little ambitious this time, we shall see!

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