Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Perfect Day

Days don't really, for me, get any better than today. Beautiful, hot, sunny day - always to be cherished in October (especially this year). Little bit of a lie in - just while Graham perked up the fire & made tea - wandered off with the dogs & nattered to some really lovely people; pulled a bit of a scam with a lady at a lock to buy more talking time -she only half opened one paddle so we could finish our exchange of info. Her husband enquired over the radio if there was a problem, "no dear" she replied, "it's just slow emptying". I stayed to help her open the gate & then ran back to our boat & was innocently stacking logs when her husband came past! (Thanks for the towel tips). Had a huge cooked breakfast at 2.oop &, generally, spent all day in the sun finishing off the sorting of our wood & getting it all chopped & organised.

We're back on the South Stratford again to take on a food delivery & pick up friends for 4 days - but one of them is VERY poorly & they can't come; we're really gutted 'cause we haven't seen them since May. I hope you soon feel loads better.

Having decided to come back down anyway, & after a day in the rain walking for 6 hours & doing 25 locks, we decided to go to the Fleur-de Lys pub for dinner. Graham's chicken looked & tasted like shoe leather crossed with a plastic duck, when we sent it back they replaced it with a perfectly OK duck breast. Only after I started to reach the pastry edges of my pie did I realise that, that too, was case hardened & he said he'd fetch the manager & the manager couldn't be bothered & blur de blur de blur....Boring, but so often the case & it really p's me off. Miss this one; visit the Bluebell Cider House instead. So, one way & another, we particularly enjoyed our lovely day after all yesterday's disapointments. Big Ted particularly enjoyed the sun on his old bones.

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