Monday, 13 October 2008

Neeewwwww Boots !

Since moving onto the boat I have virtually lived in my walking boots (let's face it-few of us had the weather for anything else) from morning until dinner time - these are of the leather variety and I have owned them for around 25 years. More friends than boots; we have travelled together through the white peaks, dark peaks, brecons...yeah, you get the picture. For some time I have been eyeing the rusting eyelets nervously and wondering whether a good cobbler (if cobblers still exist) would replace them. For about a week, I started to notice my feet were getting wet, which was odd, and then I realised why-the uppers completely separated from the soles & did their own personal "Mammy" impression. Despite his efforts with the superglue these boots will never be waterproof again.
In a panic I bought a pair on the net & had them delivered to the friends that were visiting the following weekend - boots were absolutely rigid around the ankle &, worse still, had nowhere near enough grip: coming very close to depositing me feet first (under heavy bottom gates) into the cut whilst locking down the Lapworth in the wet.
Whilst in Stratford , the first time , I noticed that my beloved "Ecco" shoe company (sooooo....... comfy) was now doing proper walking boots-so given that we had to go back to Stratford again ........
I am now the proud owner of the most gorgeously comfy Yak hide & Gortex boots. Environmentally sustainable Yaks? Don't know, don't care, but I have very, very sustainable & happy feet.
Walked thelast 2 miles & 9 locks back onto the Grand Union in a trice!

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  1. Have dogs,live in walking boots. We soon learnt that good quality boots are a must so we have bought new ones ahead of going onto Caxton.