Saturday, 1 November 2008


Decided to make myself scarce whilst the engineer was here on Tuesday & set off to Rugby Tescos-I've only driven this car a few times & that was many months ago (himself decided to sell the automatic and buy a car with 6 forward gears). Found my way there & dutifully trogged round doing a major shop (it's so much less tedious having it delivered direct to the boat), proffered my card to pay for it only to have the card declined. I don't know why I didn't destroy the cloned card, but I didn't, and I picked it up instead of the new one! Having no other means of paying, I left everything there except the hot chicken for dinner - I had just enough cash on me to pay for that. Leaving the store a very unhappy bunny, it was not only dark but chucking it down with snow - all the markings in the car park were obliterated and I ended up in amongst the delivery lorries before I, eventually, found the exit. I arrived back at the boat 2 and a half hours later, freezing and miserable with only a (now cold) chicken for my efforts. Fortunately, for once in his life, Graham new when to keep his mouth shut - or maybe he was just so overcome with joy that his baby passed her first test - & dutifully returned to Tesco to fetch the shopping; whilst I recovered with a glass or two of vino. A timely warning that the "other" world we are venturing back into tomorrow is a dangerous and scary place. I must also remember not to wave, say hello & generally chat to perfect strangers.

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