Thursday, 23 October 2008

To share or not to share?

It's always nice to think, when approaching a big flight of double locks, that it would be nice to share the locks & your day with another boat (like we did with Brian & the gang through the Stocktons & the Hattons). However, if you are not sharing with kindred spirits it is often way better to be on your own; the trouble is, by the time you've realised that there are "irreconcilable differences," how do you get out of the situation? "You go on, we need to stop for water" and "you go on, we have something wrapped round our prop," are invariably met with, "no worries, we'll wait & have a brew" or "we'll stay & help". Because, 99.99999% of boaters are lovely; but not always compatible!. I'm more than willing to do my share of the far sides of locks (heavier due to less usage & if only one gate has to be closed it's that one), but it really stresses the dogs out when we are separated from them lock after lock, & then they try to cross the gates which freaks us out. So...for the record.... I do not do locks in ANY kind of a rush & I don't do locks with people who don't take their share of the far side (for whatever reason -vertigo, tinatus, etc). Don't ask, I aint dancing!
Today we came up the Stockton flight with some great guys, Dave & Carol on Bronnington, waved farewell at the top of the flight &, about 40 minutes later hit the last 3 locks with the wind howling across the Marina-some poor chap broken down on the lock moorings (right where everyone coming round the bend bashed into him) doing everything he could to help both Barry & Bonnie on Audierne & us get into the lock - neither of us could have managed it without his help. The weather went from fine to scary in moments. Moored at the first opportunity!
I have a feeling I still won't have enough signal to load photos - but at least we have a connection tonight.

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