Thursday, 2 October 2008

Woops a Daisy (again)!

I really don't understand why Daisy hasn't learnt to stay out of the cut - one minute she was asleep in the sun and the next she was washing for England; pretty quick reactions though as her head and neck are still dry this time.
Having been flushed UP Wilmcote locks last week in double time (by a load of service guys on a "blokes" weekend), we had had little time to do more than fling the odd branch onto the roof - blackberry picking was completely out of the question. So spent a little time logging, kindling & stacking.
The dogs, of course, insisted on helping!
Then wore themselves out.
Winded on the Grand Union & walked to the shop through the towpath tunnel at Shrewley, so we are now pointed the right way to nip back onto the Stratford & head North tomorrow.

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