Saturday, 4 October 2008

Disappearing Days!

Despite himself having the grumps yesterday evening, we really did have a nice cruise. We crawled out of bed at 7.30 and it was quite cold and windy, but by the time we'd stuck into the locks and the sun had done it's best, it was fun. Had a further confrontation with my arch enemy the hydraulic lift bridge - wind & wind & wind & the bridge lifts 2". 20 mins later we're finally through & I'm back on board in an exhausted heap with him in hysterical giggles at the state of me & wearing that superior man look which suggests it's me that's the problem; not the bridge - you know how men manage to do that without saying a word? Two bridges on & there's another one of the b*****s - "right," I say, "here's your windlass, off you go" as I settle down to admire the scenery 100 yards off. 1 minute later the lift bridge rises in front of me (this one has obviously been repaired)! Give him his due, he never said a word when I picked him up but he did smirk a lot when he thought I wasn't looking.
We moored up about 3.30 &, as I'd been on my feet since 7.30, all I really wanted to do was sit down with my excellent book, but by the time I'd lit the fire, fed the animals, washed up, put the pasta on, eaten & washed up again, watched him get bad tempered 'cause of technical problems in the telly department, 'phoned my mum & a friend it was 8.30! Without the telly to occupy him I was never going to get any peace, so I suggested we pop up to the "Bluebell Cider House" for a pint. Had a pint and then a young lady insisted I must try the, rather luridly orange, cider. Common sense told me to make it a half but, for all that, I remember nothing else - there you go; another day disappeared without even opening my book.

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