Monday, 6 October 2008

Bluebell Cider House

It's a small world, a few days ago, moored up on the Grand Union Canal, NB Casiopeia passed us and as my photographic memory went into overdrive I said to the helmsman "i Know you, were you in the RAF?" It transpired that we served together on 216 Sqn. He was one of my Skippers.
Muttley has been in for a trim, I threw more of a dog into the bin than was left on the dog.
Came across this, what looked like a disney film set, on the side of the Stratford between bridges 10 and 11, quite some set up; flats, offices water features. totally out of place yet wierdly not. One minute your in the woods then this appears and then the next your back in the woods.

I'm hiding before he removes my skin!!!!!!

Had an evening in the Bluebell Cider House, it was absolutely packed, everyone was pleasant and welcoming. The Bluebell is what a pub should be.

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