Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Back at Brinklow

Arrived back at Brinklow in strong wind, and therefore, our usual dramatic fashion! The wind lashes across as you turn in & the prevailing wind is away from our pontoon so our arrival is always a bit nerve racking - anyway, no damage done. Daisy has been doing her best to catch up with the removal of all rodents, which have had a fairly cushy time since we were last here at the beginning of June. I'm sitting doing this blog whilst waiting for the guy to come & do MR's 1st BSC - we've done everything we can think of and given her a good clean so all we can do now is wait and see. Although it's lovely to have unlimited water & know that every shower will be hot and that you can jump in the car & get a pint of milk etc.: but it does take the adventure out of life & I always feel that our "proper" life is on hold until we get moving again. Anyway, it has to be done and it's nice to catch up with the family whilst we have the car - by the time we've spent a few days in Norfolk - it'll be around the 6th before we leave, but want to catch up with Caxton & Lady Hester first (the latter left the day before we came back-somebody obviously warned them of our arrival).

Baxter's food tastes are becoming quite sophisticated - having taught Muttley how to pick his own blackberries, we then found him eating cooking apples under the tree at Bascote lock! Fortunately his stomach survived the experience and, this time, Muttley didn't copy him so we are starting to have a little more confidence about leaving Muttley's muzzle off; could he be growing out of his eating disorder at last? Sadly, he still has to wear it around the immediate confines of the boat because of all the corpses & part corpses bought home by Daisy-he still finds these utterly irresistable - leading to, yet another, trip to the vets! This may well be the last blog for a bit because no-one wants to look at photos of Tesco etc-still, pictures of the sea next week might make a change.

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