Friday, 3 October 2008

Back On Stratford Heading North

Decided to head North up the Stratford and do the Lapworth Flight, all 19 locks done and dusted in just three hours. Past a BWB boat which was heading south to Bancroft Basin in Stratford, they left Tardebigge this morning, three workers onboard, their mission once they were in Stratford was to turn around and paint the white Cill markers in each lock on their way back to Tardebigge, apparently they are not allowed to paint them on the way down. What an absolute waste of money, and British Waterways are complaining they have no funds, not surprising when they take on sub contractors who then have to hire a boat to complete the task. Give me, the paint, brushes a free Licence next year and I'll paint every cill marker as and when I go through each lock. Oh No gasp, can't do that what about health and safety, what has happened to this once beautiful country of ours?

Politics has now taken over our Police. What next?

Helppppppppppp! send in the white coats.

Anyone know what this is? Butterfly or moth, it was enjoying the sunshine yesterday.

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