Friday 20 September 2013

Pleased to say that neither MR nor No Problem have sunk

It's just been awfully busy. First of all there were all the bends going up to Lechlade on Thursday.

We didn't get round this in one - doesn't look like Sue will either
 How about this one?
 No. Plenty of reverse thrust in that new engine. Not easy as the water levels are very low and you can't use all of the river due to shoals - good fun though
 Leaving NP moored outside the Riverside (a public mooring)
We went on in MR to the 'head' of the navigable; we couldn't do all the way from Margaret Ness and not do the last 3/4 mile
 down to the winding hole at the Round House which, we were later told, the EA had been promising to dredge since June! So that was another long reverse back up to NP to breast up for the night
The following morning we moved the boats onto the meadow, the weather was depressing
but I set out on the kayak anyway - hoping to find a trip up the old Thames and Severn Canal and the River Colne 
This is the canal
 No through roads rivers anywhere
 Not even to this brook
 so it was straight up the Thames where I met a delightful chap on his cruiser who passed me down a cup of tea
 after 3 hours I had to give it up and start heading back - soaked and tired but happy - as I had the NPs round to share the afore-mentioned rabbit stew that I'd prepared earlier
 It's like out and back walks - nowhere near as nice as circulars. The way to do it would be to put the kayak in at Cricklade and paddle down to Lechlade
Sue's invention test pudding was inspirational - 3 ways with peaches

Saturday Sue was off on the kayak whilst we had good fun with G's old mates (as per his previous blog). Sunday morning was the traditional girls walk with the dogs and a pint at the lovely Trout Inn by St John's Lock - one of the most fab pubs and atmospheres I've ever come across. Followed by the guys' Sunday lunch. Monday Sue and I jumped a bus to the outskirts of Swindon where we made sure Go Outdoors didn't go bust this winter and then carted a Tesco shop back. The weather has been so awful whilst we've been there but it's England - if you stopped doing things because it was raining you'd never leave the boat.


  1. Welcome back :) You cut that close... nearly called Air/Sea Rescue to report you missing.. LOL

    BTW any news on Baxter from the Vet?

    1. Sorry Kevin; I realised we'd pushed it - was why I'd done a quick joint blog. Nice to know that Air/Sea would be dropping in for brekkie in the morning. Even nicer to know that a good pal had noticed we were missing LOL
      So Baxter situation is: we've recovered our car from G's Mum's in Grantham and we'll hop the car to re-do his bloods next week in Oxford. Then a big shop and dump the car in Northampton at G's daughter for winter/xmas use
      Sue fine - just had some stuff to sort

  2. It's now blog.... have you sunk now then? Drama Queen.
    Those bends!!!!!! don't try them when the river is running a bit, white knuckle or what, the trees are really hard to avoid.
    Post on Baxters results, no excuses.

    1. You're such a hard task master! I've had no signal since we moved to Radcot and it's still pretty rubbish here at Rushey!! I'll give it a go now, but in case I can't, Baxters re-test results should be through tomorrow sometime so fingers crossed. Drama Queen, moi?