Thursday 18 August 2011

Sawley Cut to Nottingham

We are again on our travels, Jill has been signed off by the hospital, we are now heading north to Nottingham, Lincoln and hopefully as far as Boston, before turning south again to be in Birmingham for a friends wedding on the 16th October. We have a goal...oooh... that could be dangerous!

The River Trent is very benign at the moment, hardly any flow, but looking glorious.
It has always been a psychological problem of mine that Narras and rivers don't mix but when you transit water ways like this all the worries leave and slowly one relaxes and drinks in the beauty and tranquility. can never become too complacent.
Puppies enjoying the river too
Laid back or what?
Some more photos of the trip
Bones if your reading this, are you still looking for a waterside residence?

What about this?

Or this, room for Narra, Motorhome, and car, Perfection.

Scope for improvement.

But with a view like this, Wow.

Approaching Beeston Lock

View over lock wall at Beeston
Entering the Nottingham Canal.

Is this Graffiti or Street Art?

This is Art


The World is a small place!

Jill    Graham    David
Having literally tied off my stern rope, I turned round and was almost blown away to see an old friend of mine from the RAF. Graham Bearham and I served on 3 Squadrons together, 33Sqn, 230 Sqn and 216 Sqn. We met briefly last year at the Puma reunion in London, although Graham was carted off to hospital by ambulance five minutes after I arrived, was it something I did? The last time we saw each other was 21 years before that. Graham was travelling with his brother David, helping him to return his Narra to Newark, the meeting was even more of a chance, as originally David was going to take Graham down to London.


  1. It's good to have you back!

  2. We shall keep an eye out for you whilst you are in our neck of the woods on the Fossdyke/Witham.


  3. Hi Lesley,
    Thank you it's nice to be back, I shall not be handing this Lappy any red wine!

    Hi Naughty Cal,
    I shall keep an eye out for you, I believe your a Sealine 23 if I'm not mistaken.