Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Back at Marple on Peak Forest Canal

We have been very lazy, not a word for weeks and catching up always seems to be a pain in the preverbial butt, but we shall try to improve, well maybe!
Today we have done the Marple 16, possibly some of the most beautiful and interesting locks we have used. Most of them in the main with a rise of in excess of 10ft.


  1. Hi Jill and Graham, the photos are beautiful, what an autumn. Marple's a favourite spot of ours. Glad that you're all thriving up north!
    Sue, indigo Dream

  2. What lovely photos and what a super blog. Just the thing for a Friday evening after a week at work.. Very relaxed now, thank you. Mmm, I can smell the dinner cooking... bye x

  3. Hi Sue and Richard, it is beautiful, how are the the 4 of you?

    Thanks Anon, we need to do more!