Saturday, 22 June 2013

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Said a little mouse with clogs on.
More clumping noises were heard last night as the chocolate flavoured Lego bricks were dragged around the ceiling. This mouse is clearly made of very strong stuff; there could of course be more than one but, if so, it's a same sex community or we would be over run by now. No smell developing yet either.

We are now in the shed for blacking so have very limited communications. We had thought we would be able to use the pubs Wifi but it isn't working. G had run the batteries right down (as instructed with traction batteries) before fully charging them on the shore line - except when he plugged the power line in it failed. Nothing left in the batteries so no lights, no water..... Life as a troglodyte is such fun.

The beer festival is good though!


  1. No power, lights or water......the little fella will leave of his own accord! The Troggs _ Wild Thing _ Good link!

    1. Sorry John, only just got the WiFi back so didn't find your comment until tonight.
      Jamaica? No, he left of his own accord.
      If only he would