Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bugbrooke to Weedon Bec

Monday, yet again, dawned chilly. We really didn't pick a good time to clip these dogs out; they seemed to be having a duvet day! We decided to move on to Weedon Bec as I was desperately in need of vegetables and there is a good greengrocer there
 We moored on the other side this time, at the back of the church
 far more convenient for the village and it's shops

 I love these wonky windows
 a quick panic when I discovered the veg shop closed, but I was re-directed to the new site round the corner. The 'couldn't be bovvered' girl behind the counter said it was different people but, as she didn't know  her radishes from her courgettes, who knows. It was disappointing - the expected high prices but not very fresh looking. Between there and the One Stop I managed to get enough
 On returning to the boat, G had the boat in bits again
 installing this pipe which is part of our new sewage arrangements to do with going to France
 as it was to do with sewage and Daisy was happily in charge (as always), I dumped the shopping and headed off with the dogs
 towards Church Stowe
 unfortunately it was too late in the day to continue on to the Old Dairy Farm that Sue had recommended

 so that will have to wait until on the way back from blacking
 Sadly, the mooring area on the tow path side at Weedon Bec is turning into a tip - this was the poo bin and the rubbish skip area was appalling, but I ran out of camera battery at this point - I noticed that the skips were emptied later, but not the disgusting mess all around resulting from the overflow
As this was only a shopping stop, we planned to move on in the morning and I fell asleep praying/dreaming for a hire boat full of  strapping athletic males to lock up the Buckby flight with us. My back seems to be OK again, but this flight would be the test - the Buckby flight is a pig.


  1. I wait with baited breath for the next installment of "The Pipe". I thought that when in France you did like the Romans..... "Bucket & Chuck-it".
    P.S. "Dumping" the shopping quite so close to the Sewage reference.......unfortunate.Bye.

    1. The shopping dump happened at the opposite end (of the boat that is)! I think when in France you do like the French; there are no pump outs so you pump out through the bottom of the boat - I s'pose you could always bail/muck out with a bucket if it turns you on John xx

  2. France, Look forward to your blogs on that trip. How are you getting there and any boaty partners going with you?

    1. Nice to hear from you Andy. MR is going on a lorry 1st week in May 2014 - hopefully we will have sorted things like internet connections and bank accounts by then!
      This will be a solo trip although Debbie and Kevin on WB Avalon will probably go across at some stage although I don't know where they are planning to go in. They also will be back and forth to their house in Blighty.
      We are planning a long term European adventure but we may hate it and get the next ferry home!!!

  3. Sure you will enjoy France, better weather for a start and you can mostly put your windlass away. Are you following Jim the Whippets trail?
    I have a question for a "veteran Blogger" (That doesn't mean old:-) As you know I follow more than a few blogs, mostly through Briar Rose's blog roll. however 3 boats leave Braunston every year, NB Huffler, Jola No 6, and Charlotte, why do none of the other bloggers follow these? a falling out? or because they do not follow many back. Just curious.

    1. I think you've already answered your own question, 'through Briar Rose's blog roll'.
      You pick up blogs through people you meet, through people who leave comments (that's how I found yours and the Jameisons), through the waterway ranking site, through other peoples blog rolls etc.
      I've never heard of the 3 boats you mentioned let alone know they did a blog - I have now and will check them out.
      Some people's writing is not to your taste/politics/interest; we all only have so much time and can't read it all. I, personally, tend to follow the blogs of fellow continuous cruisers on the whole. Some sites I follow for the beauty of their photos - others a shared interest in cats...etc..etc.
      I'm off now to search for those 3 new (to me) ones