Friday, 28 June 2013

No. We haven't fallen into the bottom of the dry dock - still troglodyte living

The thing is, we have been meaning to re-paint the roof for a couple of years but have never got round to it due to all the crap having 3 top boxes, 1 kayak, 3 solar panels and 1 self seeking (Germany only) satellite disc on the top. That's a lot of stuff to deposit across a towpath; even if willing to look like the Beverly Hillbillies there are security issues with the solars.

Just as we were due to come out of the dry dock, the adjacent wet dock/paint dock became available so we went back into the caves and got on with it

 We have worked our socks off - sanding, masking, priming, undercoating, glossing
 why, oh why, do we live on a 66ft boat?
 then there's all the top boxes
the 'A' frame, the bow flares (we have to put the boat name on both sides - legal requirement for France) and the paint on the slide hatch keeps blistering and Daisy has red paws and Baxter has blue whiskas.

Little mouse with clogs on is still living in our roof space, despite the paint fumes, and still happily feeding on the (supposedly poisoned) lego blocks.

We are very, very tired but it will all be worth it and, because we are bow in, we have the WiFi back albeit sluggish. Oh, and the shore power is working again.

PS. After the beer festival finished they reduced the beer to £2, then £1 per pint and we were working all the time so we never had a single pint - at those prices it's enough to make a grown woman weep, boo hoo, sob


  1. Well done you two. I bet MR will look very smart and you will both feel that living in 'cave' will have been worth the sacrifice! I look forward to more pics...

    1. Soooooo tired. One more coat on hand rails, 1 more on A frame and bow flares and two on slide hatch cover and then we're done.
      Sunday lunch out tomorrow me thinks - where's Vic when you need him?

  2. Good grief! You really are working hard to miss out on a £1 a pint!

    It's looking great!

    1. It's relentless. We could never have done it out on the towpath