Sunday, 16 June 2013

Organising the stuff for dry dock

Do you know the name of the colour of the paint on your boat - assuming it wasn't you that commissioned it of course? G thought it matched up to 'Midnight Blue' and I thought it matched to 'Oxford Blue'. Searched through the boat history paperwork and found a quote to re-paint in 'existing colour'. Hmm. Not terribly helpful. Decided to ring the previous owners (Ken and Fiona) who commissioned the original boat and they didn't know either!

Ordered the Oxford then.

Whilst in the dry dock we need to cut a hole in the bottom of MR to pump the macerated contents of the black tank out in France - I don't like it but that's how it works out there. I certainly won't be swimming in the rivers and shall try my damnedest not to fall off of the kayak either!

We're also welding two 'T' studs on top of the gunwales inside the well deck area and two dollies on the surround of the semi-trad at the rear for tying off ropes in big locks - there have been many occasions when they would have been useful in this Country too.

We left Crick for South Kilworth ish on Thursday (we've moved 4 days on the trot this week) and moored in a rather pretty spot for the weekend. We had, fortuitously, just moored up when the heavens opened ... that was lucky

These are our views for a few nights

The weather forecast for Friday was strong winds and heavy rain, but it turned out not too bad at all. G even walked across to South Kilworth with me for a pint at the dog friendly White Hart - just like when we were here two years ago, the same solitary gentleman served behind the bar, cooked the food, and waited at tables; he probably washed up as well.
 then we popped round to the amazing butchers where he cut and freezer packed the wafer thin bacon I like so much
 returning to MR via Stanford Reservoir
to do some much needed repairs to the neck of Muttley's 'wack-wack'


  1. Joseph Morris our butcher in pre QISMA days!

    1. And what a great butcher it is too Jan. There were 4 guys working at the counter and they were still rushed off their feet trying to keep on top of the queue