Friday, 14 June 2013

Rants, sewage and puddings (that'll get the ratings up!)

The day started with noises of whining and distress - some poor enthusiastic Collie, somewhat unwisely, stuck it's nose through the cat flap on Daisy's well deck. You only do it once. Hopefully it was more bewildered than seriously hurt.
So we trundled off from  Norton Junction past Welton Hythe Marina thinking we might moor up just a bit further on and  dine at the Mango Lounge by Watford Gap services and bridge 6 - it looks run down, overgrown and is, presumably, closed. So we continued on to the Watford flight. I love working this flight of single, well balanced and well maintained locks.
We arrived at the bottom just after the last of the 'up' boats went through and they were starting the 'down' queue (a bit like the stop/go boards at road works) and we would be 2nd going up after about an hour and a  half when the down boats were clear. We decided to go for a simple main meal whilst we were waiting (freeing up the rest of the day - we normally eat in the evening) and were then free to start 'turning' the bottom two locks as the first boats started to arrive towards the bottom of the flight (and us).
If you've never done the flight it's a bit difficult to explain but, coming down, there is a single lock then a staircase of 4, then 2 singles. So, although the staircase locks pretty much look after themselves, the 3 separate locks need to be turned after each boat. So we turned and turned these to help each of the 'down' boats clear through as quickly as possible. We had loads of help doing this of course ...... did we hell. What is happening on our waterways. Yes, rant, rant, rant.
The waiting up going queue are all sat on their boats watching ..... grrrr!!!!
Our turn to start up the flight and, of course, a delay after finishing the staircase to enter the last lock because it had to be reset from the boat in front. What were the crews now waiting to come down doing? Yep, sitting on their boats on their arses just like the ones at the bottom had been. So whilst G pulled over to the service point I stood and re-set the lock for each of the boats coming up behind us.

Both lock keepers came to find me to say thank you for my help but, really, it shouldn't have been 'thank worthy' it should have just been done .... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...  We've only lived on the waterways for 5 and a bit years but, already, the decline in courtesy and manners is horrible (vive le France - they may be just as ill-mannered but I won't understand a word so I won't bloody care!)
So, pulled over at the services (here comes your pipework bit John) we are now in a position to 'electronically' self pump out. G has run a feed from the poo tank to a Whale Gulper pump then to a divertor valve, which then takes the waste either out the original top pump out point, or through a sea cock in the engine hole (a la Francais). Simples...
 Operation of this system involves turning on a switch in the bedroom; 2 switches away from my bedside  light switch. The hole in the bottom will not be drilled until we are in dry dock for blacking next week .....

Are you keeping up here? I wonder what will happen if I hit the wrong switch by mistake when turning off my reading light in the wee small hours ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

continued on through the tunnel to Crick for the night and it rained and it rained and it rained
found some left over batter in the fridge from last Sunday lunch so had collapsed Yorkshires drop scones with strawberries, sweetened cream and chocolate sauce .... yum


  1. JILL! I thought it was just ME who always seems to do everything for others but get no 'pay-back' in return! I too seem to encounter lots of single-handers!! I'll let John get involved with the details of the you-know-what tank!! xxoo

    1. I'm still so wound up - I love those locks, I could happily be a volunteer lockie if I could handle being in one place BUT why can't people realise that they'll all get where they want quicker if they just help each other out. It's not rocket science, it SHOULD just be simple; work together; life on the cut. It's rarely malicious or even lazy: people just seem to have lost the ability to THINK.
      I feel a campaign coming on.

  2. Re "The Pipe".
    O.M.G. Does everyone do that? That actually makes it worse! Don't use your mop to wash the boat & falling in...Oh Lola/Daisey...doesn't bare thinking about. Boater or Floater has whole new meaning. If you have a cassette loo, do you casually empty it like you would the ash can, saying "Morning" to walkers or neighbours? I suppose you at least will be able to do the deed on the move, only the Sea Gulls will give you away. Re fishing, ground baiting for "Bottom" feeders won't be necessary. Sorry, enough, this could only happen in France.

  3. P.S. Re hitting the wrong switch, see Maffi's Blog 4/6/13, similar outcome.

    1. I don't have a clue what you do with cassettes; perhaps they don't have them. It's a horrible idea even with the maceration, but that's what happens - certainly won't be swimming or falling off the kayak (I hope). Should I give Daisy a weekly anti-biotic injection?
      I saw Maffi's blog. A similar experience happened to ALL my clothes TWICE within 8 weeks of moving on board - I nearly went back to bricks and mortar