Monday, 3 June 2013

A simple, but perfect day

The day dawned sunnier than predicted and G got up and made a cup of tea and handed me a pain killer - 20 mins to let that take effect and then I'm ready to face the painful crawl down over the end of the bed. Once that's done and I start moving it's not too bad. Heaven knows how we're going to manage the Stoke Bruerne and Buckby flights, but we will - you always do.

But enough of the moaning/groaning. G's hand is still OK so far and today we had planned a lock free cruise. My cousins arrived just before 10.00am and were greeted by an enthusiastic Muttley with his wack-wack. He just adores Sonia. Time for coffee and a Danish before heading off to lunch at the Navigation at Thrupp Wharf
 Mike took the helm before lunch and we sat and ate up in the terrace room - a nice spot overlooking the canal in this perfect weather. We spent a bit too long gassing over lunch so G took the helm on the way back as Sonia had to work later.
 Everywhere looks so perfect in this weather
 Not a huge amount of space out the back of a semi-trad with 4 adults and 2 dogs (Daisy was confined to barracks), but there's enough. The dogs were happy enough to shoot the breeze and do some  "'lympic looking"
 We loved this sign at Kingfisher Marina by Yardley Gobion - can't make this pic bigger, having problems again - I love the sticks
A 3 hour cruise and lunch with good friends in the sunshine - simple pleasures but perfik

PS had bread and milk aplenty so bread and butter pudding for supper!


  1. I hope you said hello to Briar Rose while you were at the Navigation overlooking the marina!

    1. We would have done Adam, but as she wasn't there we thought you were out cruising!

      Only joking

  2. Blimey Jill you really have done your back in!!

    I think Graham should do the locks at Buckby there is no way you are going to be able to do those!

    Just hope you have a young male 12some good looking crew preferably not all drinking lager to be your lock buddies on the way up!

    Poor you xx

    1. I've broken G in gently on the Stoke Bruerne 7 - he's passed the vet and fit and ready for Buckby.

      As for young male 12somes ... I'm not as young as I used to be so would settle for an ale drinking quintet