Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A crisis in the veg supplies- North Kilworth

Saturday we (the dogs and I) set off up hill and down dale in search of fresh produce - our last supplies had come from Crick and I was down to 1 potato, 3 mould spotted carrots and half a cabbage for the Sunday Roast.

We ended up in the pretty village of North Kilworth

after running the gauntlet of this little lot and their mums

and found a garage that sold sweets, bread and milk but not so much as a tin of peas - oh well, that's what the emergency store cupboard is for. I'm happy to hoard things into this cupboard but am very reluctant to take things out. Perhaps I'm afraid that there'll be a more serious emergency just around the corner; G reckons we could live out of this cupboard for a year without feeling much pain, but he exaggerates and I think it would only last 3 months.
The lovely old rectory - this would have made a good 'living' in Jane Austen's time
and Nether Hall
A fatality occurred whilst I was in the village - an Adder?
back down the hill the other side of the canal - Muttley spots a rabbit

Baxter and I wait for him to come back
G had a phone call from his daughter to say she'd pick us up to meet for Sunday lunch and he could fetch the car from her place to come back and babysit on Monday. 

phew! that was close


  1. Hi G & J looks more like a grass snake to me, I think an Adder is only about a 12/15 inches long and that one looks a lot longer, keep up the good blogs, they make a good read!!!

    Beardy Chas & Liz

    1. Hi both; always lovely to hear from you - funnily enough there's another mouse story coming your way - it could never beat your mouse prank though: I really must put that one on the blog xx