Friday, 7 June 2013

England at her finest

I'm delighted to say my back has gone 'back in'. Not just for the obvious reasons but, moored at Bugbrooke, this is a walkers paradise and I would have been furious not to have been able to walk it. G's hand is also healing brilliantly, so both of us have narrowly avoided hassle with the NHS.

So a vast choice of walks today - over bridge 38 and then up over this tall footbridge to clear the railway
 or under both the canal and the railway via the tunnels?
 a glorious day although the wind was quite chilly again
 the boys enjoyed a paddle and a drink - I'm still not used to seeing them all clipped out. Baxter keeps rolling on the towpath since he was finished yesterday and is now absolutely filthy
 Northampton is such a beautiful county
 someone's seriously into collectibles - the majority is railway nostalgia

 Bugbrooke village - I needed to visit the shop and the chemist. There are also two pubs but I haven't visited either ... yet
 Wisteria is in full bloom and definitely the plant of choice in this village - I particularly loved this arch
I wonder if I'm getting sentimental as I know this will be my last summer in England for the foreseeable future


  1. Jill if you are out walking around that area this weekend take that path over the railway line and go further to cross the A5.. I know it is a main road but it is not too difficult to get across.

    The footpath is straight across the road, a single carriageway so no walking down it.

    Carry on up to Upper Stowe along the footpath and visit The Old Dairy Farm, it is really nice.

    It's about 1¾ miles. You could go on through to Church Stowe, turn right and return to the canal a bit further along for a circular.

    I have done that walk although again you would have to cross the A5.. Not as bad as it sounds though

    1. Thanks for that Sue - G off babysitting for a few hours this morning so rucksack packed and I'm on my way (well .. after breakfast)

  2. I'm sure you will really love pastures new. Our friends are over in France and took their n/b and keep saying we should go too. They have a house over there too and have had it for some years now. Old Blighty just won't be the same without you guys though!! xxoo

    1. Oooo Angela, you say the nicest things. I hope you're right. So much homework though!!!! xxoo