Sunday, 9 June 2013

How green is my (Nene) valley?

I thought I'd had to part company with my much loved River Nene but I found myself walking it's smaller self yesterday. Sue (NB No Problem) left a comment pointing me towards a particular walk; but G rang just as I was leaving and asked me to get some money from the Post Office (opposite direction)

 I chose a different route back into Bugbrooke
 and then picked up The Nene Way out the other side, thinking I'd have a reccy at Bugbrooke Mill
 Yes, that is Baxter wearing a coat. The weather has been disappointingly cold since Friday lunchtime (still too far East I guess) and he has started to shiver since we stripped him out - poor old chap; I guess we need to stop that now he's older, he seems to feel the cold now. 
 but what a fabulous walk - I'll do the one Sue suggested next. I could stay here for weeks without using the same footpaths
 When I reached the mill, I was surprised to find it was in commercial production, but I sneaked about with my camera ready to do the 'dizzy lost bat' routine if challenged
 all the original buildings were still in tact
 but the site was happily producing flour under the trade name of Heygates - I've not heard of it

 as I left, I was able to follow the River Nene a little way before my route veered off - good kayak territory
 leaving the production plant behind me

 Returning to Bugbrooke I stopped for a pint and pork scratchings at the 5 Bells - it had neither, despite the casque mark  (unless you count IPA). What a sad place - waiting for new owners in July apparently; couldn't even manage soap in the loos (tr 1). We didn't stop - two disappointed dogs
 Believe it or not, these are the first duck chicks I've seen this year!

 Today dawned equally dull and chilly and I made my Yorkshire pudding batter and prepped the veg for Sunday lunch (this is ALL Vic's fault) before heading into the village with G to the excellent, dog friendly, Bakers Arms for a couple of pints before returning, via the cricket match, to do the Sunday roast. No apple crumble today though (seems he can only bother to make it for Vic). If you want food in the village, both the local Chinese and Indian Restaurants are more than happy to deliver to the Bakers Arms for you.


  1. Heygates have mills at Tring and one we passed the other day at Downham Market too.

    1. Yes, I'd forgotten the Downham Market one Karen - the one here was vast xx

  2. Some cracking photo's Jill...and what's this about 'pretending' to be a dizzy old bat??

    1. Thanks Lesley. OK the cap fits and I'm wearing it