Sunday, 11 March 2012

A whole lot more than concrete cows and roundabouts

No, it's not Disneyland. It's just a park in Milton Keynes' green and very pleasant land
We'd arrived at our moorings in Campbell Park - Central MK - quite late in the day as the water tank took forever to fill at Giffard Park services and I also found a beautiful, bounteous and goodly pile of freshly felled wood cut into nice liftable lengths. So we (the dogs and I) flagged down MR and tidied it all up onto the roof.
The next morning I set off on a long walk (leaving himself to do the dishes) with the intent of wearing the dogs out so that we could have a dog free afternoon in town. It is SUCH a brilliant place - you get a totally different city from the one that you encounter when you arrive by car. In fact, there is only one thing that tells you that you are in a city - people still completely blank you city style although Muttley had his revenge and, I admit, I very naughtily thought it was brilliant. I met a lady woman walking two black Labs. The Labs and Baxter disappeared into the lake and she stopped and waited, as did I. I wished her a good morning and she ignored me. I complimented her on the condition of her dogs and she ignored me. I made some comment about how nice it was to watch the dogs enjoying the water and she ignored me, I mean completely blanked me. I was still trying to work out her problem when she shrieked an expletive and shot into the air and backwards - Muttley had mosied on up and decided to cock his leg on the (very narrow) post next to her - most of his wee missed the post and streamed munificently down her trouser leg - good old boy; I can also think of a home that would be far more fun for those two lovely labs
acre upon acre of grassland and lakes
with something for everyone but hardly anyone around
plenty of watersports opportunities
which Graham, of course, couldn't resist joining in
and if you fancy a little more than a gentle stroll around the park
there are various pieces of exercise apparatus at intervals around the lake - like the ones in the park above Harecastle tunnel
look at this for architectural landscaping - the sun on the Silver Birch against the glowing reds and oranges of the shrubs; that's no accident
the totem pole is in the middle of open 'country' as you walk into the City

this elegant building houses the ski slopes
Rather nice graffiti(?) as you walk out again to Wolverton
With a stunning piece of sculpture that I don't remember being here when we last visited 2 years ago
We shouldn't have been leaving again after only a one day stay - it's all Lesley's fault (NB Yarwood) that we left again, travelling eight and a half miles in the rain, wind, snow, sandstorms, floods, tornados, hurricanes .......ok, I admit to a bit of exaggeration.


  1. I think Muttley is wonderful,
    the stuff he can do,
    wish I could have seen his latest performance !!!
    Good on ya Muttley.

    1. Trouble is sometimes the stuff he can do is not always desirable!!!