Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's a six pack

How much are we all loving this weather! The boys sit and soak up the sun whilst we service the boat at the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne Flight

 Passing under the bridge with the mosaics
 and waiting for Joules 5 locks up for diesel, gas and coal
                            we may be in short sleeves at the moment, but I don't believe that the cold
 weather has finished with us yet
 Whilst waiting for a single boat coming up or a pair coming down, G set about the finishing touches
 to our new gang plank and gave it a quick bounce to check it's strength. After 3 hours we gave up waiting and turned the top two locks before heading through Blissworth Tunnel with a couple of chaps on board who blagged a lift - they loved it
 So Friday morning saw me setting off down the towpath with the boys to meet the crew of NB Yarwood who were heading towards us from Weedon
(I love the underside of this railway bridge, I wonder who cares enough to paint it blue?) After about 3 miles we met Lesley, Floyd and Fletcher (Joe behind on Yarwood) and walked back together. The boys' reunion was enough to soften even the hardest of hearts. In no time we had Yarwood secured and it was off to the pub fro a well earned pint and a catch up, where we were joined by Debs and Dave and their two Salukis from NB Imedit
 So here is our six pack
 Below to the back is Fletcher, comig forward Baxter and Muttley then Amber with Floyd to the right of her and bits of Willow at the front corner - well you try and get six excited dogs in one pic!
 So what did Daisy think of this little lot on her patch - she wasn't much bothered really, just sat soaking up the sun and looking supercilious


  1. Hi Graham any chance of the details of the new gang plank Nb Sokai needs a new one It looks Fantastic

    1. Dave, It's a lightweight staging board 2.5metres long, 450mm wide bought from a scaffolding company in Northampton - basically it's a stepladder with non-slip covering. G was going to make one from a ladder but we couldn't find anywhere selling single ladders. We pinched the idea off of Stuart on NB The Boat

  2. Many Thanks Graham I Know where I'm off to now Great and light perfect Dave

    1. We are on the river now and ready to put it to the test!

  3. Hi, Glad all is well. Re: "Six Pack",looking at photos, I think G has a "Party Four", I can make that comment because I have a "Party Seven". P.S. You have to be of a certain age to know what I'm on about!
    Have a good cruise.

    1. WE are of that certain age and G thinks you are being very generous in your assesment