Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Goings on around Cosgrove aqueduct

Moored in the vicinity of Cosgrove aqueduct, this little feller was spotted by our neighbours - one of two that inhabit this area apparently (terrapins, not neighbours) - I'm amazed that they can withstand our weather

 There have continued to be stoppages on the aqueduct itself as the painters are working from this 'punt' on a pulley system
 Definitely need a head for heights for this job, especially those that were abseiling on the outsides
 There is a local story that the specialist Scottish team-responsible for the structural repairs-bodged it with filler and sawdust. Probably rumour but, just to be on the safe side, try not to bang the sides. Pontcysyllte it may not be, but it's still plenty high enough to make a mess of the best china!
Looks very smart now, although you have to nip down into the Ouse Valley Park to get this view
We were moored up on quite a tilt which caught Daisy out big time. She'd just caught a mouse when a dog came charging down the towpath, she shot through the front deck and out onto the waterside gunwhales but, due to our tilt, over balanced and fell in (again). She then swam down the remaining 60 odd foot of boat and climbed up the back button with her mouse still clenched triumphantly between her teeth - only to meet G who took it off her and chucked it away. Poor Daisy. I didn't take the pic until she'd dried out as her day had already been bad enough - she looks lovely and glossy now though 
 It was nice to see that this lovely Tjalk was still around
 And this, extremely large, man was bodily lifted off the ground (cart and all) by some strong winds
Saturday brought about a short visit from Adam (NB Briar Rose) who kindly diverted between London and Brinklow to share a cuppa and a natter on his way home from work. It's always lovely to see a familiar face

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