Sunday, 11 March 2012

Can someone please tell me what blogger is doing

with their 'comments' stuff. I have never understood why you have to copy a series of silly letters whenever you leave a comment. I mean.. why? what does it add, what does it prove? Now they make you copy two lots of silly letters and, just to add to the hardship of blind old biddys like me, they've made them all fuzzy and out of focus? Then I have this new thing that crops up every time I move the cursor saying 'composition editor' - I'm not so sure that that wasn't, at least partly, responsible for my blog deletion.


  1. As I understand it the fuzzy letter thing prevents automated spam hitting your blog. You can turn it off, I did but turned it back on when the spam bin started filling up with rubbish, since then, no spam. No idea about composition editor but I do agree, Blogspot does some weird things.

    1. Thank you guys, that now makes sense although I don't know why it's gone from one block of slopey letters to two blocks of out of focus letters