Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bad hair day

Given we have the car and that the dog's coats were in their usual 'post winter' state, I somehow managed to persuade himself to have the dogs coats done professionally for their first haircut of the year - when we do it ourselves it takes hours; they hate it, I hate it, G and I have a row, my back hurts, the boat gets saturated in mess and we still can't bathe them until the height of summer.
Methinks the lady got a bit carried away and then the weather turned really quite cold again so, ever since, they have been trying to find ways of keeping warm:
The obvious choice is to sit on mum or dad's laps 
 ......which way up is optional
 ....then there's the charging about option, with your father
 or with Stuart and Jeb
 If all else fails just cuddle up
 The double decker or 'sandwich' seems to be the most effective - Baxter underneath, dog bed pad in the middle and Muttley on top
Still Baxter shivered so, I admit, I threw a hot water bottle in the middle and a sheepskin over the top - that did the trick! It may have cost me a lot of mick taking from G, but at least Baxter was warm and happy

On a completely unrelated topic, G and I sauntered into Milton Keynes Centre to watch the 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' yesterday - absolutely fabulous and very funny although I think we were the youngest in the audience. Well worth an effort to see.

Off to Brum tomorrow to visit Floyd and Fletcher Joe and Lesley on NB Yarwood. More excitement in 3 days than we've had in 3 months.


  1. Very smart dogs! Love the pics of them snuggled up together.
    Would like to see the film, not sure I'll get Ian to go. I'll have to work on it!

    1. Karen, smart but c..o..l..d! Ian should love the movie; it's not 'girlie' and it's so beautifully acted - with that cast it couldn't be anything but brilliant. Graham only fell asleep once (although he did have a large lunch)!!!!!

  2. So glad that you're back on the blog!

    Oh your poor poor houndies - would they like to borrow Lou's tiger stripe pyjamas???

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Sue, I think Baxter would like to borrow Lou's tiger if there was a chance it might keep him warm. I feel dreadful!

  3. Very nice to have you back. We've missed the blogs. hope you're keeping well. Sue & Dave

    1. Very well thank you - we'll probably be calling on you soon for a spot of dog sitting now that you're so experienced!