Monday, 19 March 2012

Playing around the Great Ouse River

With G away and the sun shining I found a lovely (different and longer) walk along The Ouse to Old Stratford - the village boasts  a pub and a small store but provides a centre for some lovely circular walks - taking in the disused Old Stratford Cut which has moorings closer to the Grand Union end
It was warm enough for the boys to enjoy the water

 Although I had some interesting 'bridges' to cross - for someone who lives on a boat I can have some very wobbly moments with narrow planks or stepping stones around water! The faster the water is moving, the more wobbly I get. When Lesley and I walked Dovedale (and one or two other Dales) I walked  the long way round and ended up crossing water above the height of my boots rather than go the direct route across the stepping stones

 Some of these weren't too special - I don't know why I have this problem (it's nothing to do with danger) but it upsets my balance

 We crossed the River again by The Mill (proper bridge this time).

 and returned via the Iron Trunk aqueduct with it's new paint gleaming in the sun 


  1. I have taken pretty much the same photo of the aqueduct today,
    Jumble's been swimming too.
    What a lovely day.

  2. Gorgeous and don't the dogs just love it there - it has to rank with one of the best walking areas on the system.