Friday, 30 March 2012

Midsummer Meadow

Every morning BW have spent an hour or more setting the levels in the pounds on the Northampton Arm, washing goodness knows how many gallons of water down from the Grand Union in the process - hence the decision to close the only access out to the Fens rather than fix the leaks. When NB No Problem arrived at the top of the flight yesterday it hadn't been done as all available staff were trying to re-open the bottom lock down onto the R. Nene and release the 4 stranded NBs. The BW guys worked hard for us and couldn't have been more helpful within the constraints of available equipment and 'elf and safety.
Having been stuck above that last lock the night before (3 of us initially) we were joined by a 4th NB at 9.45 pm - a newbie lady boater on her own. Self same boater went passed us this morning at 6.30am!!! Now what's all that about?
Here we are occupying the mooring pontoon in Northampton - where the moorings are busy we would stick the front end on for access and sling the back out on a mud weight or breast up. Even here on the river, the levels are right down and we struggled to pull in behind NB Yarwood.
We did a bit of shopping in town and found a 70% sale at Sports Direct - lined Craghopper trousers for £15 (normally £40-£45)!
As Lesley is away for a few days and our Grand daughter is appearing at The Derngate Theatre on Sunday, we are moving into the Billing Aquadrome Marina for a few nights.
It was freezing, by contrast, today and at 2.30 we gave up and lit the fire; just as the sun finally came out and we had to throw open all the windows and doors to avoid cooking. The sunset was pretty.
Daisy spent most of the day catching and eating mice and most of the evening thowing up all over the boat and all over Muttley - yuk!!!!!


  1. Glad you have got through to Northampton ok. Have missed Lesley's postings lately. Hope all is ok with them. Enjoy the Nene.

    1. Thank you - I seem to be ghost writing for Lesley at the moment - she'll be back on Tueasday

  2. Looking forwards to seeing you down our way soon!


    1. Amy, we missed you last time we were your way; we'll try not to make that mistake again!

  3. Oh dear, poor Daisy (and poor Muttley)!

    Glad you made it onto the Nene - I was re-reading our posts from a couple of years ago and reliving fond memories of meeting up with you and Caxton (as was) on the Nene - happy days!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Daisy spent today in the wardrobe, but she's fine the little piggy!
      Lots more memories to come, just a different cast sometimes - weren't the hounds amazing that day