Thursday, 29 March 2012

Best laid plans of....

Well we finally got the six pack to stand still but, by then, the six pack became an eight pack on an impromptu Sunday afternoon bbq. On Monday Lesley and I trundled off for one of our 'short' walks taking in Milton Malsor
 and a rescue farm for horses - plus this little star

 Milton Malsor was looking very pretty in the sunshine

 and after a four hour walk my boys were fair worn out

 So we waved goodbye to the crews of The Boat (heading off for a wedding), Darling Budds II (heading off for a wedding anniversary cruise) and Imedit (not sure going where but somewhere) and we headed down the Northampton Arm through 16 of the 17 locks in the sunshine
 rumours abounded of insufficient water in the pounds but all was well and we made good progress

 after lock 16 we pulled over for a bite to eat and suggested Yarwood went ahead of us through the last lock onto the river so that Lesley could cycle on and check out moorings
 Neither paddle on the bottom gates was operating so we couldn't empty the lock and, in the end, we gave up and Joe reversed Yarwood out of the lock. We 'phoned BW who, very promptly, sent out some guys who struggled valiantly for several hours, but to no avail - we were stuck for the night
In the morning they sent out reinforcements with pumps and pumped Yarwood and then us down before declaring a closure

They must have fixed things one way or another as NB No Problem came sailing past later on


  1. Graham
    i was just reading your blog from the 24th March about the board on your ladder and wondering what material you have used - i want to do the same to mine to give a much stronger boarding plank
    (nb Ferndale)

    1. Ray, it's basically marine ply but, for more info, have a look at the comments and my response with more info on the blog with the pics

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Brian, yep only one day late and an unscheduled sleepover by the flats!

  3. Hello Jill and Graham, We notice that the Yarwood crew has not blogged for ages. From your entries they're obviously OK Have they got a breakdown in transmission??

    We hear that the water shortages are worsening. Hope you are able to enjoy your cruise to the Fens. Please say hello to Lesley and Joe and nice to read your blog.

    Evelyn and Graham Booth

    1. Hi guys - your lace plates look great in Yarwoods boatmans. I will pass on your regards but there is no problem - I think Lesley is having a 'mini blogging break'. The river is low and with very little flow and a lot of rubbish!