Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cosgrove to Yardley Gobion

This blog takes me up to date until I went to see my Mum last Thurs. We moved up through Cosgrove
and it's fancy bridge
to the moorings by Isworth Farm (aka Who lives in a house like this), as we walked I spotted this fishing Heron
So intent was he/she on their fishing that it didn't even move when MR cruised past
I hung around for ages with my camera at the ready and eventually gave up. When NB The Boat pulled up behind us shortly after, Fran said, 'did you see that Heron catch and swallow the fish?'. Grrrr....
Co-incidentally both we and NB The Boat had run out of chopped wood so we spent the following day in the sunshine; happily sawing and splitting wood, drinking tea and nattering and generally replenishing both boat's wood stocks.
One of the nicest things to do on a boat is logging with friends in the sunshine

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