Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A day spent with Critical Point

I've been having a problem recently with comments on blogs in general and my own in particular my apologies if I haven't responded to comments left.

G left early for a dental appointment at the walk-in emergency place - he was determined to be first in the queue as he wanted to be back in time to watch the Grand Prix qualifying.
 I dragged the dogs out for the essentials in the rain, then Linda, David and I walked into town for a general nose about and a bit of shopping.
A display of vintage cars in the town centre.
A mark I Cortina on one end (or jam tart cars as we used to call them as kids due to the 3-way split on the rear lights/indicators- the same pattern as mum used to decorate her own jam tarts).
Probably our best find was A T Welch (the name of the original owners), 'Specialists in Quality Foods'. The current owners are Roger and Stuart Austin.
The shop is a cross between a narrowboat  and the tardis - tiny frontage and goes back for miles! Pork butcher, deli and cheese as well as exotic groceries and, unlike many of these places, their prices are fair. Their chicken liver and brandy pate is heavenly. Within the premises is this grocers and coffee shop. All the items in the grocers are original and have been collected and restored; the little drawers contain loose spices, nutmeg, bicarbonate of soda, etc.

"The old shop will take you back in time, to when self-service was unknown and pre-packaged and ready prepared foods were unheard of"

One word of warning - they don't take plastic (nor does the chiropractor incidentally - this is the second time I've been caught out in 2 days).
Not far away is this very modern clock

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