Sunday, 29 May 2011

BCN Challenge 2011 Day One

Just a few photos of the great time we had on Indigo Dream doing the BCN Challenge
For those of you who are not aware what the BCN Challenge is, a small synopsy, Narrowboats are entered into a 30 hour frenzy, thrashing around the Birmingham Canal Network, trying to accumulate as many miles, locks and arms aswell as trying to answer question(like a treaure hunt), to gain points but points don't mean prizes just glory.

Nb Wandering Bark, Captain Ahab, preceding Indigo Dream in to the first Lock of the Wolverhampton Flight 30hrs ahead of them.

Happy Crew

More to follow.


  1. I can't believe how lucky we were to have such an efficient and effective team. Hope the knee is ok and that you have recovered from the caffeine overdose - I never realised that we were being fed triple lattes .... and as for your brown milk, well yes.


  2. Richard, I really enjoyed crewing for Indigo Dream, An effective team is only so if lead by an effective skipper and planner, great time, great route, great cafe Sue, Brilliant I slept for a straight ten hours last night, un-heard of for me. Thank you all for a great time.