Sunday, 15 May 2011

Muttley teaches Bumble how to play

 I've been running about 2 days behind with the blog, so I made a real effort to catch up the other night, then when I went in last night, not only had a published and draft blog disappeared, but the really annoying thing was that, having re-done the published blog and then re-loaded the pics and re-typed the draft blog, the b***** thing reappeared in my list, grrrrrrrrrr............. Even G witnessed this, so I know it's not my imagination this time.
Also, extremely annoying, is the fact that our new storage shelf parcel had bits missing so we couldn't assemble them.
Never mind, Linda and David popped round for an afternoon cuppa and then we moved back through one lock to a lovely tranquil setting just one lock short of  Barbridge Junction - got nattering to the lovely Adrienne on the boat behind us at the lock and found we we were heading for the same mooring.
Daisy set off to explore and their dog, Bumble, wasn't sure what to make of our gang at first, Chris and Adrienne said he didn't really understand playing.
It didn't take him long to work it out though and, soon, he and Muttley were off around the picnic site like lunatics. Bumble did make the fatal mistake of trying to include Daisy in the game at one point. Not only did she spit at him, but turned around and chased off after him, but she wasn't playing!
Sadly, Chris and Adrienne were off in the morning, although we did manage to delay them by a couple of hours - when Chris started his engine though, we got the message and turfed ourselves and our dogs off of their boat! Hopefully we'll see them around as they're thinking of going full-time.
 This rather unusual boat came past shortly after.
We were going to stay another night, but decided to move on through the other lock and service the boat at Barbridge, staying the night there, so that we had a straight run through to Nantwich Friday morning for my next chiro appointment.
Linda and David kindly met me after my appointment and helped me do a massive shop and delivered me and the shopping back to MR, together with the missing bits from the shelving units which we had posted on to them. Thank you very much. I've now left my 'phone in their car. Some people will do anything to hang onto good friends! 

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