Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shuffled up into Nantwich

Unfortunately, my attempt to ignore my back problem and walk it off didn't work and I was in a great deal of trouble by Friday morning. Fortunately the chiropractor had a cancellation and was able to offer me an appointment at mid-day, so we moved the boat up in time for me to get into town.
 I was early for my appointment, so sat in the sunshine in the square by the church for 15mins and listened to a fabulous guitarist who was busking; playing all the classics like the Rodriguez Guitar Concerto. Heaven.
 After chiro, I had a nice little poke about the town
and then recieved a phone call to say that Critical Point had been sucessfully intercepted so returned to the boat
Whilst I was out, NB Gypsy Rover went past with her new owners, G only had time to confirm that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves (pass Dot the tissues Derek).
Daisy greeted Critical Point with  a couple of rolls of honour

Before checking her out to make sure Linda and David hadn't made any unauthorised changes!
The weather remained gorgeous and we were able to sit outside and eat and natter until gone 7.00pm quite comfortably.

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