Saturday, 14 May 2011

A run out on the Middlewich to Aqueduct Marina

Tuesday morning we set off down the Middlewich to get back out into the country and position ourselves near to David and Linda's marina so that they could come and eat with us (oh..and deliver our parcels of new cupboard shelving units!).

We had a lovely run out, this feller gave us a good long stare
before carrying on about his business
Passing Venetian Marina
and the first of only two locks today; Cholmondeston with it's pretty cottage
Cottage approaching Curch Minshull
The village in the distance

We had to go passed Aqueduct Marina to wind

 When we moored up Daisy started stalking cattle!

Linda and David arrived in the pouring rain with our dog food and parcels - we did the old swing the nose across the cut with the back still tied up routine to pick them up from the opposite bank - no sooner did we do so than a boat turned up to try and pass us (they probably thought the daft woman had lost control).

 By the time they left, we walked the dogs up with them and the sky was glorious - we tried to go back via the River Weaver, but the path was too steep.
Entrance to their marina


  1. Hope Aqueduct Marina is ok - we have booked in there for a fortnight while we go home to move out of the cottage that we rented for the winter.
    Pip x

  2. Hi Pip and Roger,
    Our friends Linda and David off Critical Point moor at Aqueduct, they like it, and it looks very pleasant.

  3. Guess who we are moored next to in Aqueduct Marina - yes, it's Critical Point!!! It's very pleasant, and the staff are all very friendly. It's great to moor in a marina where they don't immediately give you pages of Rules - they don't seem to have many. They even have dog pooh bins around - makes a change!!
    Hope to catch up with both you and Caxton over the next couple of months on the Staffs and Worcs.
    Pip & Rog xxx

  4. Pip, glad you like it there; lookout for Linda and David andintroduce yourselves - we won't be on the Staffs and Worcs; Caxton will be around there to keep an eye on the new build, but we are heading off towards the Welford Arm (GU, Leicester arm) for blacking mid - June and then London, fens, Kennet or somewhere! Decision making not our forte!