Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A certain amount of notoriety is being achieved

The damage inflicted upon my face by Daisy is prompting a certain amount of comment. The first time or two I was asked the question about, "what has happened to your face?" I explained, but now the thespian in me has been unleashed and I have regaled people with such tales as:
'some bugger tried to nick my pint in the pub'
'got into a knife fight in a night club'
'someone tried to turn a lock on me'
I'm really beginning to enjoy these inventions of fantasy and the response on people's faces (might not find it so funny if it leaves permanent scarring though- G has already re-named me scar face).

It's time to leave the Monty now -we've had a fabulous time, stayed an extra week and still left things to come back for. Absolutely loved it:

So we're leaving the dastardly duo of terrible terrorists
 The great fishing
The guy who encouraged everyone to re-build it
It's beauty
                                                                        and tranquility

                                                                     and its wildlife!
Met up with old friends and made new ones  and enjoyed the delights of the prolific birdlife.
Despite being the first in the queue on Monday night, ready to leave Tuesday morning, we got it all wrong and ended up at the end of the line, but we still managed to get to Tesco at Ellesmere and bump into the guys from Paneke. So we leant on a shelf for a good gas whilst the fellers carried on with the shopping lists (we now seem to have a lot of chocolate, crisps, biscuits and puddings!)
 We still managed to achieve our hoped for destination at Blakesmere, albeit later than intended.

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