Friday, 20 May 2011

Meet Jack - the Cade lamb

Altogether now.......aaahhhhhhhhh
We stopped at Adderley top lock for eggs, lamb (sorry!), cakes, etc and was introduced to Jack who was 6 weeks old
A cade lamb (evidently) is one that is bottle fed and, therefore, never does as well as one reared by it's mum. Jack was destined to join all the other big lambs in the sky, in due course, but he pulled a stunning trick which earned him redemption. He started curling up and sleeping with their Spaniel in his dog bed. Jack is now officially a pet.

Support these guys if you can, they are producing fabulous food and work so hard-they deserve to succeed.
By the time we reached Market Drayton there was no room at the inn, so we were moored over the aqueduct which meant Daisy was confined to barracks. I just managed to serve dinner in time for G to eat it and meet an Airforce colleague, Andy Swetman, who he served with on 230 Squadron in Germany 28 years ago. I stayed on MR and had an early night, leaving them to reminisce. They had a great evening.
Our overnight mooring

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