Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday traffic

We wouldn't, normally, move on a sunny Sunday due to the amount of weekend traffic. However, we had moored by bridge 5 (west of Shardlow) as there appeared to be good walks off of the bridge in both directions, only to find that they were closed to the SE due to quarry workings; I'm not talking temporary - these were closed over with massive concrete blocks. By the time we pulled pins at 11ish, 9 boats had passed us heading for the close by Aston Lock, but we thought we'd join the queue & have a natter and a cuppa. Amazingly we were just in time to drive in as the second of a pair & we never had to wait at a lock all day. Masses of spare crews and gongoozlers around so all I had to do was walk the dogs (until they got too hot) and make sure paddles were opened and closed in the right order - also stopping the over enthusiastic winders who were, at times, determined to wack open both ground andgate paddles simultaneously!!!

Walked into Swarkestone to look at this 18thC bridge which carries the road over the flood plains all the way to Stanton - ironically, it's beauty was spoilt by the shere volume of traffic and it was just too hot for tarmac and cars.

After a bite to eat, we were heading for Willington but we were seduced by a shady bank and moored up 2 miles earlier.

Whilst we are delighted that Daisy is moving around more, we are having to keep windows and doors Daisy-proofed as she cannot go out.

Daisy sleeping on her back with her paws protecting her new hurty lumpy bit (in amongst the clean washing of course).

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