Thursday, 2 July 2009

Continuing to cook (deliciously)

Hovered in Willington to get some bits from the shop and then trundled on through. Our timetable is, somewhat, governed by the men's tennis at the moment.

Starting to notice some very low water levels in reservoirs and rivers which is not unexpected.

Decided to nip into Shobnall Marina for fuel (haven't taken any on board since Debdale), self dec- 65p for 100 ltrs plus; 70p for less than a 100. Truth be known, he just wanted another excuse to go backwards.

Prettiest garage I've ever visited - sort of taverna for boat fuel!

First time I've mentioned it, but I've been doing more than a bit of the home grown: we have 7 or 8 varieties of lettuce, rocket, basil, mint, chives & flat leaf parsley. Trouble is, although I staggered the planting, it all sort of bolted & joined up when the weather turned so gorgeous; making lots of mates in the process of giving it away though! More on that next time.

Spot the odd one out!!!!!!

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