Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fast rewind

I was wondering how best to catch up with this after so long without a signal but, sitting down to blog this afternoon, I've found a number of unpublished drafts. In our case that means photos loaded ready to blog 'round'. So, rewind back to just before we left for Norfolk and the finish of our cruise before we hit the no signal land of Foxton. I'd said that I'd wanted to walk into North Kilworth & Husbands Bosworth - one of the reasons being that we were becoming food critical. Knowing that MR would be without power for around 3 weeks, we had to eat our way through the freezer & run the fridge to minimum - the timing of this is not that easy & the difference between waste and starvation is a fine line with no car and very few shops in this area. Anyway, we were a leek or a courgette short of a dinner & had been told that the shop at Husbands Bosworth had closed so I though I'd walk to North Kilworth. However, G decided to come with me and wanted to walk to South Kilworth.

Although the weather was a bit gloomy, it was a really nice short walk from bridge 40 across the golf course. We popped into the White Hart for a pint & a bite & he told us about the butchers (Joseph Morris) in the village - neither of which are mentioned in our Nicholsons. The pub was OK but the butchers was amazing - one of those places where you asked for half a pound of Blossom. Not a lot of good to us though with a freezer full of meat still to wade through & not a tatty or a green leaf in site!

Returning to MR, We passed a small field of youg leeks growing through polythene. My eyes lit up - meal problem solved. "You're not," he said, sounding deeply shocked at my moral shortages. "I am," I replied." "Not in broad daylight," he said. Aha, not a moral issue - more the fear of getting caught then. He scarpered & left me to fight my own conscience - no contest; I took the leek & left 20p by the hole. Jolly delicious it was too - did "Mr Ashamed" share the leek quiche? Course he did - no moral stamina.

Note the owner growing more round faced to match her dogs - but it does plump out some of the wrinkles & puddings are much more fun than (I would imagine) Botox. Yep, at the age of 55 I've finally discovered my pudding & chocolate tummy - better late than never!!!!!


  1. At the age of 53 I'm trying so hard to get rid of my Chocolate and Pudding tummy. I thought that when I got to walk the tow path I might find it easier - back to the diet I suppose :-(

  2. No need to diet - walk the towpaths AND have the chocs & puddings (well...maybe we might have to jog one or two bits!).