Thursday, 25 June 2009


Daisy took on 3 lurchers on Monday evening, and unlike her she came off the worst for wear. She had no visible signs of injury, no puncture wounds, yet she has been very poorly, so much so that we have had to take her to the Vets in Long Eaton. We have been syringing electrolite into her since Monday but all she has wanted to do is lie down, she wouldn't even get up to go to the litter tray.
So whilst I am typing this we are awaiting the results of an X-ray. Thank the lord for insurance, today has cost us £100 excess but Tesco £350. In the past we hadn't bothered with animal insurance but since moving onto the boat, we have saved a small fortune by being insured.
We have been moored up for the last couple of days at what we think has to be one of the most beautiful sites on the system, not by name, Devils Elbow, but the area and the river Soar there was just wonderful.
The Vets have just rang, the X-rays do not appear to show any breaks, but on examination it would seem that she may have dislocated her sternum, although not something the Vet says is possible, she is going to have to consult with colleagues in the morning.


  1. poor daisy....hope you get some good news tomorrow x

  2. Poor Daisy. I hope she is OK. Please keep us posted. We have a cat, so know exactly how you are feeling.

  3. Poor Daisy. I hope she feels better soon.

  4. 3 on 1 that's just not a fair fight...
    Hope she feels better soon...

    Malc' (AKA Ratty94)

  5. A big thank you for all of your best wishes - it has been a very scary 4 days