Monday, 22 June 2009

Wetlands & wildflower meadows


Locked down with a really nice couple on one of the 3 Navy boats (we've enjoyed the company of various of their crews before; "The Andrew" on the Stratford last September-although 8 burly blokes wanted me to break the Guiness Book of Records 'shortest time to do the Lapworth flight,' when I wanted to pick blackberries and forage for wood-and "Emma" earlier this year on the Oxford (who, inexplicably, appeared to have lost half of their crew - lost whilst out yomping?). I took the above photos around Cossington Lock & Cossington Mill whilst waiting for them to catch up.

At Sileby lock we encountered a Day Boat under instruction - "you'll all fit in there if we hold her off the cill," he says. Probably, but will we get the gates open? Yep & we all had a laugh, unfortunately, the same day boat with much less pleasant a crew was destined 2 haunt us over the next 2 days - but I will not moan.
Now it's not in flood any more, I love being on the river. The water is clearer and wider and the flora & fauna so much more diverse. We swooshed up through the wetlands to spend a couple of nights south of Loughborough so that I could walk the wildflower meadows and he could watch GrandPrix things. Leicestershire is just gorgeous at this time of the year with it's well marked footpaths and well oiled gates.
We stopped in Barrow on Soar for a bit of shopping and an excellent bite and a pint on the way through at lunchtime.

Loads of visitors over the weekend!

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