Friday, 26 June 2009

Daisy is home...........

................and lives to fight another day. The official veterinary diagnosis is that she has a dislocated sternum which, they also tell me, is not possible! Can it be fixed? No. They can't put it back 'cause it would pop out again and they can't pin it because it needs to move as her chest expands and contracts to breathe. So Daisy will live on morphine for 2 or 3 weeks whilst her chest settles into this rather weird new shape. It's like a sort of bony hernia at the top of her 6 pack. They are fairly sure that the lurchers didn't actually get hold of her and that the damage was done when she hurled herself onto the roof of MR to escape - this is good news in that there should be no risk of infection. In defence of Daisy's street cred she would want you to know that I saw one lurcher limping and bleeding. Where does this leave us? Well, with one still rather poorly puddy cat who doesn't move and isn't eating. I saw the x-rays and they were amazing - her chest has a whole new profile.

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