Sunday, 14 June 2009

We're back at last with a signal

Having returned from Norfolk to 'MR' we still couldn't blog as we still had no signal now, a week later, and we are just south of Leicester/Wigston; so we hope a signal will be the 'norm' again. Can't believe how little traffic there is in this gorgeous weather. So, most of the family & friends have been visited, shopping's done & the car has been 'parked' & we were all set to leave Sat am. We were so excited about travelling again that neither of us could sleep & we were up by 6.ooam & had pulled pins by 7.oo!!!! Needless to say, having been blacked & then repainted both sides above the waterline up to & including the gunnels,, we were sideswiped in open water the very next morning leaving a nice gouge amidships & forward down the port side - unbelievable. We thought we might head for Liverpool (having aborted our initial attempt earlier this year due to Muttley's vet needs) but reports of bank to bank rubbish on the approaches, plus the limited passages has put us off a bit. Anyway, we are DEFINITELY going to do the Earwash & the river Weaver is looking attractive at the moment, but what isn't in this weather. Anyway, I'm off to finish supper and catch up with all my favourite blogs after so much deprivation. Signal permitting we'll get this one (& associated photos) up to date over the next week(ish). Heard from Lesley on NB Caxton on Friday night - they've nearly finished their renovations & we're hoping to cruise together again this summer although we have a few miles separating us, so catching up could be interesting - oh well, we're both pointing the right way; that's a good start! Can't wait to see Floyd & Fletcher again & it'll be quite nice to see Lesley & Joe too.

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