Saturday, 27 June 2009

Walkies into Kegworth

These photos are a bit late going up (due to nursing Daisy & G taking the opportunity to reclaim his blog!) but this is such a gorgeous area on the River Soar that they should still have their day. I am completely sold on River cruising, when they are in benevolent mode of course, and don't want to go back on the canalsjust yet - but himself keeps muttering that we don't have a big enough prop for rivers.

Baxter is finding this lovely weathera little tiring.

A quick drink and a freshen up..........

....and on into Kegworth

At 2.00am this morning, Daisy decided she was feeling a lot better and woke me to tell me all about it. I have never been so pleased to be used as a pin cushion. She has also eaten today, so things are looking better.


  1. How do you find it with the bike on the bow? We love having are bikes but they are a bit of a pain to carry.


  2. Great, it sits on garage bike hanger, is within the confines of the boat, only downside is removal before access to the gas locker.

  3. I might look in to this, with at least one of the bikes, I am not 100% happy with the position of any of our bikes. I think that the more options the better.

  4. I also find it makes handling the front rope a bit awkward (has a tendancy to get caught on a pedal) Jill